How Find Real Estate Agent




When you’re selling or buying a home, you need a real estate agent to guide you

through the process. But how do you find one that’s a good fit? The first step is

asking the right questions.

Ask about their transaction history and experience, says Zillow. “Agents who

consistently close a moderate to high number of transactions year in and out, and

receive repeat and referral business, are proven experts.”

Next, consider how you like to communicate with an agent. Do you prefer phone

calls, text messages or emails? If you prefer texting, be sure to look for agents who

respond to texts quickly. A responsive agent will show you that they’re committed to

a positive relationship, and that they’ll put your needs first.

Finally, be sure you understand the agent’s fees. Typically, a seller pays a

commission of about 5% to 6% of the sale price. The agent then splits the fee with

the buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent may charge a nominal fee to cover marketing

costs. You can also find out the typical real estate fees in your area by contacting

your local real estate association or searching third-party websites such as Yelp and

StreetEasy. For more info

If you’re selling, be sure to ask the agent if they use a multiple listing service and

what their average sales price is in your neighborhood. In addition, find out how they

market their homes to sell, including their methods for advertising, open houses and


When interviewing potential agents, treat it like a job interview, advises Zillow. You’ll

want to ask important vetting questions and get an idea of their experience and



You should also ask an agent about their negotiating style and how they typically

handle unique situations, such as first-time homebuyers or sellers on a tight

schedule to avoid capital gains taxes.

If you’re looking for a great agent, start by asking your friends and family for

recommendations. Then, visit open houses in your area and talk to the real estate

professionals there. You can even meet candidates at parties or other social events.

Just be sure to take the time to interview a candidate before hiring them, and

beware of agents who pay for placement in third-party online directories or search

engines. Make sure the agent you choose is licensed and insured, and check their

professional history on a website such as StreetEasy. You can also verify a license

with your state real estate association.